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Roman Kintanar

Román Lucero Kintanar, Philippine meteorologist and geophysicist (Cebu 13 June 1929 – Quezón 06 May 2007)


With L.A. Amador & R.P. Lao. Tropical cyclone hazard in the Philippines. NSDB Technol. J. 5(1):7-8, 1980

Development of improved design criteria to better resist the effects of extreme winds for low-rise buildings in developing countries (1974)

With L.A. Amador. Typhoon climatology in relation to weather modification activities WMO 408 (1974)

The analysis of annual maximum windspeeds in the Philippines (1971)

A study of typhoon microseisms (1958)

With J. Quema & A. Alcaraz. The Lanao Earthquake. Phil. Weather Bur. (1955)


IMO Prize (1995)

Minor planet 6636 Kintanar