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Pierre Kaufmann

Pierre Kaufmann, French-born Brazilian radioastronomer, astrophysicist and geodesist (Aix en Provence 30 November 1938 – São Paulo 17 February 2017)
Discovered many new spectral compounds 

With E. Correia & V. Melnikov presented new temporal relationships between polarization degree and burst intensity profiles for one example of a complex event (1999)

Detected a new solar flare terahertz emission component 

Proposed the existence of solar radiations with frequencies above 100 GHz (1985)

With E. Correia, J.E.R. Costa, A.M. Zodi Vaz and B.R. Dennis. Solar burst with millimeter wave emission at high frequency only. Nature 313:380-2, 1985.  

Discovered T radiation, a new type of solar radiation with Argentine Adolfo Marun and Pablo Pereyra (2003). He obtained evidence about this radiation since 1984. 

With E. Correia, J.E.R. Costa & A.M. Zodi Vaz discovered a new kind of burst emission component with the first observation of a solar burst with millisecond time resolution at lambda=3,3 mm (1984)

With P. Iacomo, E.H. Koppe, J.R. Blakey et al. recognized the fast absorption, a completely new type of solar event. Solar Physics (1975)

Showed the existence of a group of faintly impulsive bursts (1968)

Discovered a THz flux vs. frequency increasing spectral component (2004)

Obtained the first evidence of two spectrally separated radio/far-infrared emission components one at microwaves and another in the THz range of frequencies (2004)

First to observe and show that there are solar bursts in terahertz range and that occur increasing intensity in according to frequency (2006-16)

With J.E.R. Costa, C.G. Gimenez de Castro, Y.R. Hadarz & J.S. Kingsley. The new submillimeter-wave solar telescope for studying sun IR-spectrum of solar emissions (2001)

With P.M. dos Santos, M.A. Braz & R.M. Borges. Some new radio sources associated to Sersic peculiar galaxies. Astrop. Space Science 32:25, 1975

With R.H. Gammon, A.L. Ibañez, J.R.D. Lepine, P.M. dos Santos et al. New H20 celestial sources associated with H II regions in the Southern Hemisphere. Nature 260:306-7, 1976 

With G. Trottet, J.P. Raulin, M. Siarkowski, K.L. Klein & D.E. Gary. First detection of the impulsive and extended phases of a solar radio burst above 200 GHz. Astron. Astrop. 381:694-02, 2002

With J.P. Raulin, C.G. Gimenez de Castro, H. Levato, D.E. Gary et al. A new solar burst spectral component emitting only in the Terahertz range. Astrop. J. 603:121-4, 2004 

With R. Marcon developed High Altitude Terahertz Solar Telescope with important innovations 


Um interferômetro para cintilações de rádio-estrelas. Cien. Cult. 16(2):99-100, 1964

With R. Herrmann, A. Magun, J.E.R. Costa et al. A multi beam antenna for solar MM-wave burst observations with high spatial and temporal resolution. Solar Physics (1992)

With R.R. Neli, I. Doi, A.M. Melo & J.W. Swart presented the first fabrication of surface-micromachined microbolometers made of polycrystalline silicon (2004)

With A.M. Melo, A.S. Kudaka, J.P. Raulin, R. Marcon, A. Marún, P. Pereyra & H. Levato. A new setup for ground-based measurements of solar activity at 10 mμm. Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific 118:1558-63, 2006

With R. Marcon, A.M. Melo, E. Tandberg-Hanssen et al. described a new optical setup with reflecting mirrors to produce solar images on the focal plane array of uncooled bolometers of a commercial camera preceded by germanium optics (2007)

Developed Solar-T system consisting of double THz photometers being the first detection device conceived to observe solar flare THz emissions on board of stratospheric balloons (2012) 

With A.B.M. Valio, C.G. Gimenez de Castro, A. Magun et al. Polarization emission of millimeter activity at the Sun (POEMAS): new circular polarization solar telescopes at two millimeter wavelength ranges (2013)

With P.L. Kaufmann, S. Pamboukian & R. Vilhena de Moraes. A new independent GPS-free system for geo-referencing from space. Positioning 5:37-45, 2014



With Z. Abraham & J.E.R. Costa. Imaging techniques and remote sensing of astrophysical objects using millimeter microwaves (1982)

With J.ER.R. Costa, E. Correia, A. Magun et al.  New technique for dynamics burst position determination with high spatial definition/time resolution at a mm wavelength (1994)

With J.E.R. Costa, E. Correia, A. Magun & R. Herrmann. A method for arc-second determination of solar burst emission centers with high time resolution and sensitivity at 48 GHz. Solar Physics 159:157-71, 1995

With C. Gimenez de Castro, J.P. Raulin, V.S. Makhmutov, J.E.R. Costa et al. Instantaneous positions of microwave solar bursts: properties and validity of the multiple beam observations. Astron. Astrop. Suppl. Series (1999)

With P.L. Kaufmann, R. Vilhena de Moraes, H.K. Kugas, L.A. Beraldo & C.N. Motta Marins. Non recursive algorithm for remote geolocation using ranging measurements. Mathem. Problems Engin. p.1-10, 2006 

With P.L. Kaufman, S.V.D. Pamboukian & R. Vilhena de Moraes. Signal transceiver transit times and propagation delay corrections for ranging and georeferencing applications   

With J.P. Raulin, R. Olivieri, A. Magun et al. Time and space distribution of space energetic releases in millimeter-wave solar bursts. Astrop. J. (2009)

With C.N. M. Marins, A.A. Ferreira Jr, J.W. Swart et al. New jitter measurement technique using TDC principle in a FPGA component (2009)  

With L.O.T. Fernandes, E. Correia, A.B.M. Valio et al. Spectral trends of solar bursts at sub-THz frequencies (2017)


Geographic and space positioning system and process US7528777 (2006)

With R. Marcon. Metodo para maximizar ganho na detecção simultânea de radiação de fontes pequenas em campo extenso de visão. BR352613934 (2011)

With P.L. Kaufman. Process and system to determine temporal changes in retransmission and propagation of signals used to measure distances, synchronize actuators and georeference applications. PI11020172 (2012) 



Elected Associate Member, Royal Astronomical Society of Great Britain (1987)