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Pedro Kouri

Pedro Kouri Esmeja, Cuban helminthologist and parasitologist (Port-au-Prince, Haiti 21 August 1900 – La Habana 16 October 1964)

Son of Lebanese immigrants
Authored over 100 scientific works
Authored Lessons on Parasitology and Tropical Medicine, edited several times and used as a reference work in several countries (1940)   
Performed classical works on clonorchiasis and showed its cancerigenic character
Performed original observations on pathogenic role of Trichuris trichiura, its biology and clinical aspects of infantile massive trichuriasis 

Demonstrated egg-production mechanism and testicles localization in Diphyllobothrium latum  

First to demonstrate cutaneous localization of Entamoeba histolytica (1931)
Discovered and described nematode Inermicapsifer cubensis, that can sometimes be a human parasite (1938)
Discovered new clinical forms of infantile trichocephaliasis and established its therapeutics
Developed methods for diagnosis as well as original treatments for numerous parasitic diseases
With J.G. Basnuevo & R. Arenas proposed the application of emetine hydrochloride in Fasciola hepatica infection (1934)

With J.G. Basnuevo & R. Arenas. Una nueva aplicación de la emetina en parasitologia (1944)

Quantified the action of emetine on fasciolasis

Produced several new medicines against the parasites
Kouri method for Fasciola hepatica ova concentration
Kouri-Basnuevo method for stool parasitological analysis 

Kouri method of examination of bile through duodenal intubation

Tecnica para el examen de la bilis, obtenida por intubación duodenal, en el diagnostico de certeza y en el control terapeutico de fascioliasis hepática. Rev. Parasitol. Clin. Lab. 1:53, 1935
With J.G. Basnuevo, Alvare y Lezcano. Tecnica para el estudio de la anatomia de la Fasciola hepatica. Rev. Parasitol. Clin. Lab. 1(2):191, 1935

With Cois. Procedimiento para confeccionar las preparaciones coloreadas por la hematoxilina ferrica. Tecnica de Rosenbusch modificada por Kouri. Protozool. Med. 10, 1947