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Mukul Ranjan Kundu

Mukul Ranjan Kundu, Indian-born US radio astronomer (Kolkata, 10 February 1930 – Colesville, Maryland 17 June 2010)

Demonstrated the existence of a close correlation between the solar radio flux at a wavelength of 10.7 cm and the level of ionization of the Earth’s ionospheric E-layer with J.F. Denisse (1957)

Made the first observations of the coronal magnetic structure of solar active regions (1958)

Built the first-one dimensional earth-rotation synthesis interferometer suited for solar studies (1959)

Established the presence of two distinct phases in the continuum emission with F. Haddock (1961)

Showed for the first time that sunspots may display a ring structure at centimeter wavelengths with C.E. Alissandrakis (1982)

Discovered that acceleration to MeV energies is common to most flares (1994)
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