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Mohammed Khalil

Mohammed Khalil Abdel Khalek, Egyptian parasitologist and helminthologist (1895 – 07 December 1950)
Explained the Wuchereria bancrofti microfilariae nocturnal periodicity
Developed Khalil method for detecting ova of intestinal parasites in human stools being a modification of Kofoid-Barber method (1924)

Introduced fouadin (Stibophen) for treatment of schistosomiasis by intramuscular injections

With M.H. Betache. Treatment of the bilharziasis with a new compound “fouadin”. Lancet 215 (5553):234-5, 1930
Developed Khalil swab for diagnosis of schistosomiasis

Described 4 methods for detecting Schistosoma ova in stool

With M. Salah el Din. The microscopical diagnosis of intestinal schistosomiasis. Trans. Roy. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg. 23(5):519-24, 1930
With A. Hassan. A preliminary note on a new skin reaction in human Schistosomiasis. Journal Egyptian Med. Assoc. 15:129-30, 1932



Ibrahimia 1932

Leiperenia 1922

Mazzia 1932

Memphisia 1922

Tawila 1932

Travassosius 1922


Kasr? 1932

Loutfia 1937 (with Abdel Azim)


26 (21 in Nematoda, 4 in Trematoda and one in Cestoda)



Khalilia Neveu-lemaire 1924 (Trematoda)