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Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan

Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan, Indian physicist (Vizhupanoor Village, Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu 04 December 1898 – New Delhi 14 June 1961)
Authored 135 papers

Discovered with C.V. Raman and independently from Landsberg & Mandelshtam inelastic scattering of light or Raman effect 

With C.V. Raman. A new type of secondary radiation. Nature 31, 1928
Developed techniques for measuring the magnetic anisotropy of dia- and paramagnetic crystals
Showed how the magnetic properties of many aromatic molecular crystals and of inorganic complexes reflect molecular anisotropies, bonding and crystal field effects 
Mapped the energy distribution of electrons in graphite crystals
With A.B. Bhatia introduced a new formalism of treating the electrical potentials in metals and alloys popularized by Ziman many years later and known as Ziman formalism

Obtained Krishnan-Bhatia formula on electron transport in alloys


Developed Krishnan flip-angle method

With B.C. Guha & S. Banerjee. Phil. Trans. Roy Soc. London A 231:235, 1933


Developed critical torque method for measuring of magnetic anisotropy of single crystals and built a very simple instrument for this purpose

With S. Banerjee. Investigations on Magne-Crystallic Action. III. Further Studies on Organic Crystals. Phil. Trans. A 234:265-98, 1935


Solved the theoretical problem of correlating magnetic susceptibility and the anisotropies with those of their constituent ions or molecules

With K. Lonsdale. Diamagnetic anisotropy of crystals in relation to their molecular structure. Proc. Roy. Soc. A 156:597-613, 1936


Developed a method of finding the molecular orientations in crystals of aromatic substances


Discovered quasi 2 dimensional electron transport


Discovered Landau diamagnetism in graphite




Vice-President, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (1955-7)

Physics Nobel Prize nominee