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Felix Konotey-Ahulu

Felix Israel Domeno Konotey-Ahulu, Ghanaian clinician (Odhumase Krobo, 12 July 1930 –

Regarded as world’s leading expert on sickle cell anemia


Sicklaemic human hygrometers (1965)

Torrential epistaxis and facial skin ulceration in sickle cell anemia (1965)

Bilateral femoral head necrosis preventing procreation in sickle cell disease (1967)

Parkinsonian tremor audible through stethoscope known as Konotey-Ahulu parkinsonuian stethoscope  sign or Kaps sign (1967)

Mental nerve peripheral neuropathy from sickle cell crisis (1972)

With H. Lehmann & B. Ringelhann discovered haemoglobins Korle-Bu (1968) and Osu-Christianborg (1971)

Coined the term gnathopathy (1974)

Invented male procreative superiority index in anthropogenetics providing a mathematical basis for sickle cell gene frequencies (1980)

First to use polygamy to trace genetic traits backwards   

Invented kanad for genetic counseling