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Eduardo Moacyr Krieger

Eduardo Moacyr Krieger, Brazilian physiologist (Cerro Largo, Rio Grande do Sul 06 June 1928 –

Authored 233 papers


World famous for his studies on experimental hypertension

Performed known studies about pressoreceptors adaptation in hypertension and hypotension

Pioneer on utilization of rat as a model for studies regarding regulation of blood pressure at sleep and exercises (1960s)

Described a sino-aortic baroreceptor denervation method worldwide used

Neurogenic hypertension in the rat. Circulation Research 15:511-21, 1964

Demonstrated that the baroreceptors are reset to operate at higher blood pressure levels in hypertension and that a complete resetting occurs when the increase in the pressure threshold equals the increase in blood pressure

Arterial baroreceptor resetting in hypertension. Clin. Exp. Pharmacol. Physiol. Suppl. 15:3-17, 1989

With J.J. de Lima, M.L. Vieira, F.J. de Paula, L.E. Ianhez, E. Sabbaga et al. Coronary angiography is the Best predictor of events in renal transplant candidates compared with noninvasive testing. Hypertension 42:263-8, 2003


With P.P.S. Soares, M.R. Ushizima & M.C. Irigoyen. A semi-automatic computerized method to measure baroreflex-mediated heart rate responses that reduces interobserves variability. Braz. J. Med. Biol. Research 38(6):949-57, 2005

With M.A. Gutierrez, S.S. Furuie, M.C. Irigoyen & C.P. Mello. A microcomputer system for quantitative analysis of neural activity in the regulation of the cardiovascular system. Computers in Cardiology (1990)

With R.A. Santos & L.J. Greene. An improved fluorometric assay of rat serum and plasma converting enzyme. Hypertension 7(2):244-52, 1985

With L.C. Michelini & J.V.P. Leite. A new electrolyte strain gauge to study changes in aortic caliber produced by hypertension. J. Hypert. Diseases, 1981   


Lifetime Achievement Award, Interamerican Society of Hypertension (1997)

ICLAS Muhlbock Award (2007)

WHl Detlev Ganten Excellence Award in Hypertension and Global Health Implementation, 2019 Awards Committee of the World Hypertension League