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Daniel Roussouw Kannemeyer

Daniel Roussouw (Rousseau) Kannemeyer, South African physician, naturalist and archaeologist (Cape Town 26 December 1843 – Bloemfontein 01 January 1925)

Collector of insects (butterflies and moths), arachnids, reptiles, fossils (vertebrate and plant) and archaeological and etnographic artifacts


Some proof that mammalia occur in the upper Karoo beds at Dunn (1889)

Stone implements of the Bushmen. Cape Illustrated Magazine 1:120-30, 1891

Colonial nomenclature. Cape Illust. Mag. 1:402-7, 454-8, 472-7, 1890-1

Note on locusts as propagators of foot and mouth disease. Trans. South Afr. Philos. Soc. 8:84-5, 1890-5


Kannemeyeria Seeley 1908 (Fossil Reptilia)