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Daniel Gerhardus Krige

Daniel Gerhardus Krige, South African mining engineer (Bothaville, Free State 26 August 1919 – Johannesburg 03 March 2013)

Authored about 90 technical papers

Recognized worldwide as main pioneer in geostatistics

Applied mathematical statistics to the valuation of gold mines using a limited number of boreholes and of ore reserves for existing mines known as kriging (1951)
Introduced the geostatistical concepts such as support, spatial structure, selective mining units and grade-tonnage curves (1952)

Published one of the first papers on risk analysis for new mining investments (1955)

Designed uranium pricing formula for contracts  



Krumbein Medal, International Association of Mathematical Geology (1984)

Daniel Jackling Award, American Society of Mining Engineers (1987)

Foreign Associate, United States National Academy of Engineering (2010)