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Christofredo Jakob

Christofredo Jakob,  German-born Argentine neuropsychiatrist (Wërnitz, Ostheim, Bayern 25 December 1866 – Buenos Aires 06 May 1956)

Authored 180 papers and 20 books

Proposed basic cortical mechanisms that work in brain (1906)

Discovered that grey matter has double function (motor and sensitive)

Proposed functional homologation of cortex convexity towards dorsal medulla and its concavity towards ventral medulla (1910)

Discovered brain structures related to emotion

Demonstrated the homology between cortical neuroelectric mechanisms and the mechanisms of cilliary control in Protozoa 

Elucidated the anatomy of anterior commissure in man

Described an unknown micro ganglion in the hypothalamic commissure located in the midline at the region of the mammillary bodies and posterior commissural zone (1945)

First to describe the crural portion of pyramidal pathway

Discovered the neurovisceral apparatus known as Papez circuit and coined the term visceral brain (1911) rediscovered by Papez in 1937  

Patented the first device for outside observation of effect of distinct subjective phenomena 

Eponym of Jakob cerebellar degeneration or Jakob marginal cerebellar atrophy, a distinct form of lower bilateral cerebellar degeneration combined with dementia (described by Aranovich)


Atlas der Gesunden und Kranken Nervensystems nelst  Grundriss der Anatomie, Pathologie und therapie desselben (1895), translated into many languages

Vom Tierhirn zum Menschenhirn (1911) or Atlas del cerebro de los mamiferos de la fauna argentina (1913)

The subcortical organization of the central nervous system of higher vertebrates: the paleoencephalon and its instinctive functions (1938)