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Carlos & Mercedes Jaschek

Karl Otto Rudiger Jaschek, German-born Argentine / French astrophysicist (Brzeg, today Poland 02 March 1926 – Salamanca, Spain 12 April 1999)

His wife, Mercedes Isabel Corvalán de Jaschek, Argentine / French stellar spectroscopist (Buenos Aires 13 April 1926 – Salamanca, Spain 21 November 1995)

Authored about 250 publications and over 15 books


Worked on the first classification schemes in the ultraviolet spectrum

With Y. Andrillat worked on determination of fundamental properties of Ae, Be and shell stars with near infrared data

Introduced the subgroup of Gallium stars in the general classification

Discovered Ap stars from Si group λ 4200 and Be stars (1962)

Identified the presence of rare earths in stars of Mn and SrCrEu groups

Discovered spectral subgroups and showed clearly its spectral features

Developed classification methodologies suited to each available spectral range 

Obtained the first detections of high temperature stars with anomalous CNO contents

Authored two classical books Classification of Stars (1987) and The behavior of the chemical elements in stars (1995)


Asteroid 2964 Jaschek (Carlos)