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Boju Jiang

Boju Jiang or Po-Chu Chiang, Chinese mathematician (Tianjin 04 September 1937 –

Calculated the Nielsen numbers in a subgroup of fundamental group (1964)

Verified the Nielsen fixed point conjecture (1980s)

Clarified about the least number of fixed points among the maps in a homotopy class (1980s)

Proved that the concordance group of algebraically slice knots is infinitely generated (1981)

Gave an algebraic sufficient condition for the existence of periodic points of a prescribed pure period (1983)

Developed Nielsen theory of periodic orbits (1996)

With S. Wang & Y.Q. Wu showed that on many manifolds all orientation-preserving homeomorphisms are isotopic to fixed point free homeomorphisms (2000)

With X.S. Lin, S. Wang & Y.Q. Wu developed various methods to detect the various achiralities of knots and links in S and gave a simple procedure for calculating the #-function in terms of a crossing change formula and its initial values (2002)

With Y. Ni, S. Wang & Q. Zhou first established examples of non-fibred knots with property IE and non-fibred knots without property IE (2006)

With H. Zheng deduced a trace formula for the computation of the forcing relation of braids (2008)

With S. Wang & Q. Zhang introduced an alternative definition of fixed point class (2011)



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