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Yedy Israel

Yedy Israel Jacard, Chilean biochemist (Temuco 19 September 1939 –

Recognized as an international reference on gene therapy of alcoholism

Authored 208 papers, 34 book chapters and 12 books with 12,000 citations and 62H-index


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PATENTS (6 patents for treatment of alcoholism-related products) 

With M.E. Quintanilla Gonzalez, L. Tampier De Jong, A.D. Bustamante Cadiz, M. Herrera Marschitz & E. Karahanian Vartevanian. Expression vectors which inhibit synthesis of catalase and uses thereof  (20120107923) 


Jellinek Memorial Award in Alcoholism, Jellinek International Foundation (1980)

Distinguished Researcher Award, US Research Society on Alcoholism (1990)

Thurman Lectureship Award, Bowes Center for Alcohol Studies, University of, North Carolina (2006)

Ishii Memorial Award, International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (2014)

Lieber Lectureship Award, European Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (2017)