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Washington Isola

Washington Isola Dupont, Uruguayan ophthalmologist (17 October 1903 – 1968)

Proposed innovative concepts in the field of strabismus


With B. Stark. Inhibition in strabismus and a new method of treatment. Am. J. Ophthal. 45(2):235-6, 1958

With D. Bennati. Nueva tecnica para el estudio de la musculatura extrinseca del ojo. Arch. Soc. Biol. Montevideo 13(3-4):147-53, 1946


With Z. Bacq. Innervation sympathique adrenergique de la musculature lisse des paupieres. Arch. Intern. Physiol. 54:30-48, 1946

With Z.M. Bacq. Adrenalinergic nature of the innervation of the depressor of the lower eyelid. Arch. Soc. Biol. Montevideo 12:225-8, 1945

With R. Rodríguez. Chemical transmission or nerve stimuli and pupillary motility. Arch. Oftalm. Bs. Aires 18:692, 1943

His uncle Ramón Francisco Alberico Isola Zuquibilide (Suquivildes), ophthalmologist (San Jose 09 March 1857 – Montevideo 06 January 1933)

From Genoese father

Eponym of Isola disease or syndrome (1929) 

First to show definitely the hereditary character of Laurence-Moon-Biedl

With A. Ricaldoni. Maladie congénitale et familiale caractérisée par une dystrophie adiposo-genitale associée à une retinite pigmentaire et une polydactylie. Bull. Soc. Med. Hosp. Paris 44:1131-8, 1928