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John Imray

John Imray, Scottish physician in Dominica (Forfarshire 11 January 1811- Saint Aroment 22 August 1880)

Authored Memoir on Yaws (1873) becoming the greatest authority on framboesia of his day

First observed tumors occupying the cavities of the heart covered with a smooth transparent membrane on the mal d’estomac or cachexia africana 

On the mal d’estomac, or cachexia africana, amongst the negroes of Dominica. Edinb. Med. Surg. J. 59:304-21, 1843

Collected new plant species from Dominica described by botanists


The useful woods of the island of Dominica. Technologist 2:382-91, 1862

Observations on the characters of endemic fever in the island of Dominica. Edinb. Med. J. 70:1848

On the nature, causes and treatment of yellow fever. Edinb. Med. J. (1841)

Observations illustrating the characters of a febrile epidemic which prevailed in Dominica in 1838. Edinb. Med. J. 53:78-95, 1840  

On the treatment of tetanus by opium and hydrate of chloral in combination