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Ivanissevich family

Oscar Ivanissevich Defilippis, Argentine physician and diplomat (Buenos Aires 05 August 1895 – Buenos Aires 06 June 1976)

From Croatian descent

Developed suprainguinal approach ligation of only the spermatic vein for cure of left scrotal varicocele known as Ivanissevich-Gregorini method 

With H. Gregorini. Una nueva operación para curar el varicocele. Sem. Med. 25:575, 1918

Proposed retroperitoneal varicocele method

Varicocele. Rev. San. Militar 36:201, 1937 


With José B. Velez Díez Canseco & Carlos I. Rivas. Ginecomastia. Nueva técnica para su tratamento quirurgico. Bol. Inst. Clin. Quir. Univ. Buenos Aires 17:381, 1941 


With J. Arce proposed surgical methods for hydatid cysts

With I. Prini, R.C. Ferrari & C. Rivas developed innovative techniques of plastic surgery 



Minister of Education (1948-50; 1974-5)


Ivanissevich-Ferrari minimal appendicular syndrome (1933)

Ivanissevich-Rivas notch sign (1945)

Ivanissevich-Ferrari double arc sign for diagnosis of lung hydatidosis (1938)

Lagos García-Segers-Ivanissevich’s water-hyacinth sign for diagnosis of lung hydatidosis

Ivanissevich rhinoplasty

Ivanissevich maneuver for verifying blood reflux (first proposed by Key-Curling)

Ivanissevich technique for opening a parametric ascending abscess of iliac crest


His brother, Ludovico Ivanissevich Defilippis, civil engineer (14 February 1889 – August 1957)

With Enrique Butty patented an apparatus to track ellipses, parables and hyperboles (number 5375)

Son of Ludovico, Ludovico Ivanissevich Machado, hydraulic engineer (Buenos Aires 13 August 1927 –


Universal diagram for right hydraulic calculation of pipelines (Extension of Powell diagram) 1966

Pouring gate of automatic branching with constant net output (1970)

Mathematical model for irrigation and drainage networks (1971)

Formulae for calculating abrasion bounds in rocky and granular beds (1980)

Sunken springboard theory of simple launching (1981)

Mathematical model for studying bed abrasions and cofferdams stability during river deviation (1985)