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Ivan Antonio Izquierdo

Ivan Antonio Izquierdo Gobic, Argentine-born Brazilian neurobiochemist (Buenos Aires 16 September 1937 - Porto Alegre 09 February 2021)

Son of Croatian mother
Internationally respected as world leader in memory physiology 
Discovered neurohumoral and hormone mechanisms  that regulates formation, evocation, persistence and extinction of memory  
Obtained the memory solidification map
Determinated the cascade of biochemical events in hippocampus and in other brain structures required to memories formation 
Discovered functional, anatomical and molecular separation between short term and long term memories (1998) and the endogenous state dependence as a key regulator in memory and brain functioning  
Discovered the key role of neurotrophic factors and ubiquitine/proteasome system in hippocampus for memory formation (2001-6)

With J. Medina, M. Cammarota, J. Rossato & B. Bevilaqua discovered brain mechanism via dopamine that controls the persistence of recollections in the memory (2009)

With J. Miskiw & C. Furini discovered a hippocampal mechanism that causes fear memory extinction (2014)

Held about 23,000 citations


UNESCO – Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in Life Sciences (2017)