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Yung Chil Hah

Yung Chil Hah, South Korean microbiologist and biochemist (01 July 1935 -


With K.L. Min, Y.H. Kim, Y.W. Kim & H.S. Jung. Characterization of a novel laccase produced by the wood-rotting fungus Phellinus ribis. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 392(2): 279-86, 2001

With H.D. Youn, E.J. Kim, J.H. Roe & S.O. Kang. A novel nickel-containing superoxide dismutase from Streptomyces spp. Biochem. J. 318:889-96, 1996

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With J.U.N. Bae, S.O. Kang, S.W. Hong & K.J. Lee. Isolation of salicylate-degrading plasmid from Pseudomonas putrida (1986)

With M.J. Lee & C.K. Kim. Isolation and identification of agar, carragenin and fumorin

NEW TAXA (Bacteria)


Asanoa 2001 with Lee

Hongia 2000 with Lee & Kang

Skermania 1997 with Chun, Blackall, Tang & Goodfellow


Amycolatopsis albidoflavus 2001 with Lee

Amycolatopsis thermoflava 1999 with Chun, Kim, Oh, Seong, Lee, Bae, Lee, Kang & Goodfellow

Asanoa ishikariensis 2001 with Lee

Catellatospora koreensis 2000 with Lee & Kang

Hongia koriensis 2000 with Lee & Kang

Nocardia flavorosea 1998 with Chun, Seong, Bae, Lee, Kang & Goodfellow

Nocardia salmonicida 1999 com Isik, Chun & Goodfellow

Nocardia uniformis 1999 with Isik, Chun & Goodfellow

Pseudonocardia kongjuensis 2001 with Lee, Kim, Min & Kang

Pseudonocardia spinosispora 2002 with Lee, Kim & Kang

Saccharothrix violaceae 2000 with Lee, Kim, Ro & Kang

Skermania piniformis 1997 with Chun, Blackall, Tang & Goodfellow

Streptomyces seoulensis 1997 with Chun, Youn, Yim, Lee, Kim & Kan 


Patented device and method for detecting Helicobacter pylori in biopsy (2001)

With J. Chun, A.C. Ward, S.O. Kang & M. Goodfellow. Long-term identification of Streptomycetes using a pyrolysis mass spectrometry and artificial neural networks. Zentralbl. Bakteriol. 285(2):258-66, 1997

With C.N. Seong, S.K. Park, M. Goodfellow & S.B. Kim. Construction of probability identification matrix and selective medium for acidophilic actinomycetes using numerical classification data. J. Microbiol. 33:95-102, 1995

With K.J. Kim, J.S. Maeng, K.S. Shin, S.O. Kang & S.W. Hong. Characterization of laccase from Pleurotus ostreatus. Korean J. Microbiol. 25:148-56, 1987

With R.P. Hedrick, W.D. Eaton, J.L. Fryer, J.W. Park & S.W. Hong. Biochemical and serological properties of birnaviruses isolated from fish in Korea (1985)


With H.S. Kim, S.O. Kang et al. Free radicals generated during the glycation reaction of amino acids by methylglyoxal. A model study of protein cross-linked free radicals. J. Biol. Chem. 270:282228-33, 1995

With H.D. Youn & S.O. Kang. Role of laccase in lignin degradation by white-rot fungi. FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 132:183-8, 1995

With Y.H. Rhee & S.W. Hong. Relative contributions of fungi and bacteria to soil carboxy-methylcellulase activity. Soil Biol. Biochem. 19:479-81, 1987  

With S.W. Hong & K.H. Min. The biochemical constituents and their changes during the fermentation of takju. Microbiol. Soc. Korea 8(3):107-15, 1970

With S.W. Hong. A comparative investigation of free amino acids in healthy and virus diseased Chinese date tree. Korean J. Bot. 4(1):9-12, 1961

HONOURS (Bacteria)

Hahella Lee, Chun, Moon, Ko, Lee, Lee & Bae 2001

Hahyoungchilella Kim & Lee 2019