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Yao-Zeng Huang

Yao-Zeng Huang, Chinese organic chemist (Nantung, Jiangsu Province 11 November 1912 – 17 December 2002)

Authored over 230 research papers and 9 books

Developed the first catalytic Wittig type reaction and clarified the mechanisms of reactions of organoantimony compounds

A straightforward, efficient and versatile preparation of propargylic alcohols from 1-alkynes and aldehydes via Gal3 and amine. Tetrahedron Letters 36(40):7277-80, 1995

With W.B. Wang & L.L. Shi. An efficient SbCl3-metal system for allylation, reduction and acetalization of aldehydes. Tetrahedron 46(9):3315-20, 1990

With Z.L. Zhou & L.L. Shi. A first example of catalytic ylide epoxidation reaction: facile synthesis of vinyl epoxides from aldehydes catalyzed by diisobutyl telluride. Tetrahedron Letters 31(52):7657-60, 1990 

With L.L. Shi & S.W. Li. An efficient and stereoselective synthesis of (E)-α-enones via arsonium salts. Preparation of key intermediates for the synthesis o brassinosteroid and prostaglandin. Synthesis 12:975-7, 1988

With H.Y. Sheng & S.Y. Lin. A novel palladium-catalyzed rearrangement of acetylenic ketones to furans. Tetrahedron Letters 27(40):4893-4, 1986

With Y.C. Shen et al. Syntheses of ethyl perfluoroacetylenic esters and stereochemistry of a novel acetylenic ester-vinyl ether rearrangement