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Wilhelm Hoffmann

Wilhelm Heinrich Hoffmann, German-born Cuban anatomical pathologist (Wismar, Mecklenburg 08 February 1875 – La Habana 10 October 1950)

Authored over 400 works

Yellow fever

Determined a number of pathological signs in yellow fever

Proposed kidney calcium deposits as a sign (Rocha Lima described it in 1912)

Los cilindros de cal en los niños: un nuevo signo diagnostico de la fiebre amarilla. Sciencia Medica 2(6):284, 1924

Demonstrated phagocytosis of eryhrtocytes by Kupffer cells in liver and spleen (1924)

Showed the hyaline degeneration of voluntary muscles and myocardium

Showed medullary infiltration of Peyer patches in ileum

First to show intranuclear inclusions of yellow fever in human being

Concluded that histological survey of liver was the simplest and safest method for diagnosing the yellow fever (Cuban method)

Demonstrated the sylvian form of yellow fever in Africa

Hay fibre amarilla en Africa ? (1924)

Is there yellow fever in Africa? J. Trop. Med. Hyg. (1926)

La fiebre amarilla endemica en Africa (1927)

La fiebre amarilla africana (1928)


Developed a treatment for leprosy

Early treatment of leprosy. Leprosy review 1:1, 1930

Eponym of Hoffmann early leprous choroiditis


El higado en la fiebre amarilla africana. Virchows Archiv fur Pathol. Anat. Physiol.