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Walter August Hadler

Walter August Hadler, Brazilian experimental pathologist and histochemist (São Paulo 16 Jan 1919 - Campinas, São Paulo State 30 November 1998)
Married to Sineli Rita Silveira with whom published many papers.
Published 67 papers in indexed periodicals between 1950 and 1989 
Developed some new histochemical methods below listed 

With L.M. Ziti, A.S. Patelli, J.A. Vozza & O. de Lucca. Histochemical meaning of the chrome-alum hematoxylin and the aldehyde fuchsin staining: an investigation accomplished by a spot test technique carried out on filter paper models. Acta Histochem. 20:320-38, 1968 
With L.M.Ziti, O. de Lucca and A.S. Patelli. A new technique for histochemical detection of cholesterol and cholesterol like-compounds. Acta Histochemica 30(1):70-78, 1968. 

With L.M. Ziti. Demonstração histoquímica de lipides contendo colina. VII Congr. Anat. p.5-6, 1969

With L.M. Ziti. Metodo histoquímico para demonstração de fosfolípides (1969)

With Sineli Rita Silveira. Novas técnicas para demonstração histoquímica de tocoferol e de vitamina D. Ciência e Cultura 29(7):584, 1977. Suppl.  
With S.R. Silveira. Histochemical technique to detect choline-containing lipids. Acta Histochemica 63(2):265-270, 1978. 
With S.R. Silveira. Catalases and peroxidases histochemical detection. Techniques suitable to discriminate these enzymes. Acta Histochem. 63:1-10, 1978
With M.L. Ziti & M.A.C. Hoflung. The benzidine technique for histochemical detection of the SO4- . Acta Histochem. 61(2):197, 1978
With S.R. Silveira. A technique to tocopherol (vitamin E) histochemical detection. Acta Histochemica 68(1):1-10, 1981. 
With S.R. Silveira. A histochemical method suitable to discriminate free cholesterol from its esthers and both from 7-dehydrocholesterol and vitamins D. Acta Histochemica 74(1):25-33, 1984. 
With S.R. Silveira. A histochemical method able to detect vitamins D and to discriminate it from cholesterol and its esthers. Acta Histochemica 76(2):177-182, 1985.    

With A.C. Mauri. Aplicação da lepra murina como teste de controle experimental de compostos quimioterápicos. Preconização de um método    
Developed an argentic impregnation method for studying spleen cells.
Morfologia e distribuição das células reticulares do baço normal. Estudo efetuado mediante técnica de impregnação argêntica. Thesis. p. 68, Ribeirão Preto, 1962.   
Developed a modified Prussian blue reaction for detecting ferric ion.  
With O. de Lucca, L.M.Zitti and A.S. Patelli. A quantitative study on the most effective conditions to develop the Prussian blue reaction for histochemical detection of ferric ion. Rev.Bras.Pesq.Med.Biol. 2:344-47, 1969.  

 With A. Berezin & J.H. Tramezzani. Selective digestion of the neurosecretory material of the hypothalamus and of the neurohypophysis by tissue homogenates. Nature 176(4482):600-1, 1955