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Tao Chiuh Hsu

Tao Chiuh Hsu, Chinese / US cytogeneticist (Shaoxing, Zhejiang 17 April 1917 – Houston, Texas 09 July 2003)
Authored over 300 articles

Determined accurate haploid chromosome number of man and characterized the human karyotype  beyond discovering the hypotonic chromosome spreading technique

Mammalian chromosomes in vitro – the karyotype of man. J. Heredity 43:167-72, 1952

Discovered C-banding technique to demonstrate constitutive heterochromatin

With F.E. Arrighi. Localization of heterochromatin in human chromosomes. Cytogenetics 10:81-6, 1971

Patented G banding of plant chromosomes Number 4596089 (1986) 


Hsunycteris Parlos, Timm, Swier, Zeballos & Baker 2014 (Mammalia)