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Salomon Hakim

Salomon Hakim Dow, Colombian neurosurgeon and bioengineer (Barranquilla 04 June 1922 – Barranquilla 05 May 2011)

From Lebanese parents

Authored over 70 papers

Described the normal pressure hydrocephalus or Hakim syndrome in Spanish (1964) and in English with R.D.Adams & C.M. Fisher (1965)

Stated new theories on cephalorhachidian  liquid dynamics

Introduced new lead systems of cephalorhachidian fluid

Stated the concept of self-regulating valves (1973)

INVENTIONS/PATENTS (more than 28 US patents)

A valve to treat hydrocephaly. USPTO 3288142 (1966)

With Carlos Hakim. A programmable and adjustable valve which may prevent ventricular collapse or Hakim valve   

The first gravitational valves (1975)

With neurosurgeon Alejandro Jimenez Arango. A surgical technique for making agile operations

A technique for measuring gauge of brain vessels 


Hakim triad (in normal pressure hydrocephaly)

Hakim tube

Hakim shunt

Hakim reservoir

Hakim catheter


First Foreigner to win Alumni Achievement Award, United States