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Qide Han

Qide Han, Chinese molecular pharmacologist (Ningbo, Zhejiang Province 19 July 1945 –

Confirmed that α-1-adrenoceptor contained 2 subtypes α1 and α2B by their different pharmacological characteristics and revealed different signal transduction mechanisms between the two subtypes in smooth muscles (1985)

Verified the existence of a third subtype α1D

First to report some cardiovascular effects of neuropeptide Y

Showed how the neuropeptide Y rules the hypertension pathogenesis 

Revealed that the increase of neuropeptide Y in cerebrospinal fluid played a key role in the cerebral vascular spasm during the late stage of subarachnoid hemorrhage

Showed that neuropeptide Y existed also in blood platelets

Proposed with colleagues the hypothesis that calcitonin gene-related peptide was a common messager molecule between neurons and immune system


Woodruff Award, Emory University (2006)