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Olga Bohomoletz Henriques

Olga Bohomoletz Henriques, Brazilian biochemist (12 January 1916 - 1995)

Simple method for the calculation of photometric curves. Rev. Bras. Biol. 11:59, 1951

With M. Fichman & M.C.F. Oliveira. Novo método de separação da enzima coagulante do veneno da Bothrops jararaca. Cien. Cult. 12:175, 1960

Described the presence of kininogens in the plasma (1967) independently of Jacobson (1966)

Obtained new bradykinin-potentiator peptides

With I. Lebrun, F.L. Lebrun, A.K. Carmona, L. Juliano & A.C. Camargo. Isolation and characterization of a new bradykinin potentiating octapeptide from gamma-casein. Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacol. 73(1):85-91, 1995

With L.A. Ferreira & E.W. Alves. Peptide T, a new bradykinin potentiator isolated from Tityus serrulatus scorpion venom. Toxicon 31(8):941-7, 1993

With L.A. Ferreira, I. Lebrun, M.B. Batista, B.C. Prezoto, A.S. Andreoni, R. Zelnik & G. Habermehl. A new bradykinin-potentiating peptide (peptide P) isolated from the venom of Bothrops jararacussu (jararacuçu tapete, urutu dourado). Toxicon 30(1):33-40, 1992

Isolation of a bradykinin-potentiating factor from scorpion Tityus serrulatus venom. Recent Progr. Kinins 38(1):462-8, 1992

Papers in Nature

With N. Kauritcheva, V. Kuznetsova & M. Astrakan. Substrates of “releasing enzymes” isolated from horse plasma; Nature 215:1200, 1967

With M. Fichman & W.T. Beraldo. Bradykinin releasing factor from Bothrops jararaca venom. Nature 187:414, 1960

With F.R. Mandelbaum & S.B. Henriques. The blood-clotting activity of the venoms of Bothrops jararaca. Nature 183:114, 1959

With S.B. Henriques & F. Mandelbaum. Comparative hyperfibrinogenaemic action of D- and L-adrenaline. Nature 178 (4529):363-4, 1956

Papers with famous biochemists

With S.B. Henriques & H. Selye. Influence of cold on blood fibrinogen concentration. Proc. Soc. Exper. Biol. Med. 15:221, 1946

With S.B. Henriques, R. de Grandpré & H. Selye. Influence of amino acids on adrenal enlargement, nephrosclerosis and hypertension by anterior pituitary preparations. Proc. Soc. Exper. Biol. Med. 69:591, 1948

With S.B. Henriques & H. Selye. Influence of the dietary protein concentration upon the corticotrophic action of lyophilized anterior pituitary. Endocrinology 45:153, 1949

With S.B. Henriques & H. Selye. Influence of cold fasting and adrenalectomy on the blood fibrinogen response to trauma. Proc. Soc. Exper. Biol. Med. 73:611-3, 1950

With S.B. Henriques & A. Neuberger. Quantitative aspects of glycine metabolism in the rabbit. Biochem. J. 60:409, 1955

His husband, Sebastião Baeta Henriques, biochemist (04 December 1918 – São Paulo 09 February 1996)

With O.A. Sant’Anna, M.E.S. Almeida, M.F.D. Furtado & E.G.J. Vieira. A computation program to analyse data obtained in quantal assays. Cien. Cult. 42(7):445-52, 1990