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Marguerite Henrici

Marguerite Gertrude Anna Henrici, Swiss-born South African plant physiologist (Basel 1892 -1971)


Transpiration of grasses and other plants in arid conditions (1926)

The chlorophyll-content of grasses in Bechuanaland (1926)

Preliminary report upon the occurrence of hydrocyanic acid in the grasses of Bechuanaland (1927) 

Physiological plant studies in South Africa. Part II. Transpiration of grasses and other plants under arid conditions. Dept. Agric. Union S. Africa (1927)

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South African pastures: their mineral and protein content. Farming South Africa 7:245-8, 1932

Fodder plants of the Broken Veld (Fauresmith District). Their chemical composition, palatability and carrying capacity. Sci. Bull. Union S. Afr. Dpt. Agric. 11:2, 1935

Germination of Karoo bush species (1935)

Digestion experiments with fresh Karoo plants. S. Afr. J.Sci. 41:213-7, 1945  

Transpiration of South African plant associations. Sci. Bull. Dept. Agric. Forestry U. South Africa (1946)

Effect of excessive water loss and wilting on the life of plants with special reference to Karoo and Lucerne plants (1946)

Wilting and osmotic phenomena of grasses and other plants in Bechuanaland

With G. Senn. Chromatophoren und kohlensaure assimilation nicht-grüner Gebapflanzen. Ber. Schweiz. Bot. Ges. 


Neohenricia Bolus 1938 (Aizoaceae)