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Li Chi Hsu

Li Chi Hsu or Lizhi Xu, Chinese mathematician (Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province 23 September 1920 –

Born Quanyong Xu


Extended Laplace asymptotic method to multiple integrals involving a large parameter (1948-51)

Obtained a class of complete asymptotic expansions for the differences of zero

Found a general asymptotic expansion formula for a wide class of oscillatory integrals (1958)

First to offer a quantitative estimation for the first exponential formula of Hille

With R.H. Wang formulated the method of multiplier enlargement in a very general form

Obtained the square root iteration method with global convergence (reported in 1964; published in 1973)

With Y.S. Zhou, R.H. Wang, T.X. He & J.X. Yang developed a general process for the construction of lowering dimensional expansions

Established some general pairs of Moebius inversion formulae that are useful for finding solutions of VolterrA type integral equations

Eponym of Gould-Hsu inversion pair