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Josef Hauser

Josef Hauser, Hungarian-born Brazilian father and zoologist (Sellye, Barany County, Hungary 31 January 1920 – Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul State 10 March 2004)
Performed studies about morphology, taxonomy and regeneration of planarians and Oligochaeta


Dugesia ururiograndeana 1992 with Leon and Kawakatsu

Geoplana sp. 2000 with Leal-Zanchet & Fick 

Girardia anderlani 1983 with Kawakatsu

3 Pasipha spp. 2000 with Leal-Zanchet & Seitenfus

A technique for histological processing without the use of xylene in Ausschaltung des Xylols in der histologischen Technik. Mikroskopie 7(5-6):208, 1952

Hauser method for fixation and mounting of invertebrates (1953)

Hauser trichromic staining


Hausera Leal-Zanchet, Souza & Ferreira 2014 (Turbellaria)