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Houde Han

Houde Han, Chinese mathematician (1938 –

Authored over 100 papers

With Z. Xu gave a numerical method for finding solitary wave solutions of generalized Korteweg-de Vries equations by solving the nonlinear eigenvalue problem on an unbounded domain (2005)

With Z. Huang proposed a class of exact artificial boundary conditions for the numerical solution of the Schrödinger equation on unbounded domains in two-dimensional cases (2004)

With C.X. Zheng & M. Ehrhardt presented a new numerical technique for solving periodic structure problems 

With Y. Li & Z. Huang. An equation decomposition based tailored finite point method for linearized incompressible flow in two-dimensional space. Comp. Mathem. Appl. (2015)

With H. Brunner & D. Yin. Artificial boundary conditions and finite difference approximations for a time-fractional-diffusion-wave equation on a two-dimensional unbounded spatial domain. J. Comp. Math. (2014) 

With Z. Huang & W.J. Ying. A semi-discrete tailored finite point method for a class of anisotropic diffusion problems. Comp. Mathem. Appl. 65(11):1760-74, 2013

With Z. Huang & S. Zhang. An iterative method based on decomposition for the fourth-order singular perturbation problem. Num. Meth. Part. Diff. Equations (2013)

With Z. Huang. An equation decomposition method for the numerical solution of a fourth-order elliptic singular perturbation problem. Numer. Methods Part. Differ. Equations (2011)

With Z. Zhang. Multiscale tailored finite point method for second-order elliptic equations with rough or highly oscillatory coefficients. Comm. Mathem. Sciences (2011)

With Z. Zhang. Adaptive artificial boundary condition for the two-level Schrödinger equation with conical crossings. J. Comp. Physics (2011)

With T. Takeuchi & L. Ling. An energy regularization for Cauchy problems of Laplace equation in annulus domain. Comm. Comput. Physics (2010)

With Z. Huang. Tailored finite point method for steady-state reaction-diffusion equation. Comm. Math. Sciences (2010)

With Z. Huang. Tailored finite point method for a singular perturbation problem with variable coefficients in two dimensions. J. Scient. Comp. (2009)

With C.X. Zheng & X. Wen. Numerical solutions to a linearized KdV equation on unbounded domain. Num. Meth. Partial Diff. Equations 24(2):383-99, 2008

With M. Yan. Mixed finite element method on a staggered mesh for a Navier-Stokes equations. J. Comp. Math. 26(6):816-24, 2008

With Z. Huang & R.B. Kellogg. The tailored finite point method and a problem of P. Hemker (with this paper won the Pieter Hemker prize in 2008)

With M. Yan & C. Wu. An energy regularization method for the backward diffusion problem and its applications to image deblurring. Comm. Comput. Physics 4(1):177-94, 2008

With X. Wu. A fast numerical method for the Black-Scholes equations of American options. SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 41(6):2081-95, 2006

With Z. Huang. A class of artificial boundary conditions for heat equation in unbounded domain. Comp. Mathem. Appl. 43(6-7):889 -900, 2002 

With Z. Huang. A semi-discrete numerical procedure for composite material problems. Proceed. Adv. Num. Mathem. (2001)

With W.Z. Bao. An artificial boundary condition for two-dimensional incompressible viscous flows using the method of lines. Int. J. Num. Meth. Fluids 22(6):483-93, 1996

With X. Wu. A new economical mixed finite element formulation and the MAC method for the Stokes equations (1996)

With X. Wu. A finite element method for Laplace and Helmholtz type boundary value problems with singularities (1995)