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Hinton family

George Boole Hinton, English-born Mexican mining engineer and plant collector (Marylebone, London 1882 – Ciudad de mexico 1943)

A relative of mathematician George Boole

With his son collected 471 new plant species

PATENTS (1928)

Process of making a cementitious material of cellular texture (GB2894041)

Improvements in or relating to apparatus for making a cellular cement product (GB298847)

Improvements in or relating to apparatus for making a spumous mass of cementitious material (GB297638 e GB300842)

An improved method of making a cellular cementitious product (GB300843)


Hintonia Bullock 1935 (Rubiaceae)   

Hintonella Ames 1938 (Orchidaceae)  

Neohintonia King & Robinson 1971 (Asteraceae)

His son, James C. Hinton, Mexican entrepneur and novelist (Ciudad de Mexico 24 September 1915 – Galeana, Nuevo León State 23 July 2006)

Alone collected 2 new genera and 116 new plant species 


Jaimehintonia Turner 1993 (Amaryllidaceae)

Grandson of George Boole Hinton, George Sebastian Hinton, farmer and botanist (Monterrey 1949 -

Collected one genus and 34 new plant species


Geohintonia Glass & Fitz Maurice 1991 (Cactaceae)

FAMILY GLOBAL OUTPUT (Taxa discovered by family)


Cremastopus P.G. Wilson (Cucurbitaceae),

Geohintonia Glass & Fitz Maurice (Cactaceae),

Hintonia Bullock (Rubiaceae),

Hintonella Ames  (Orchidaceae),

Onocleopsis Ballard (Aspidiaceae)

Symplococarpon Airy-Shaw (Theaceae)


621 species (460 valid)


65 subspecies and varieties