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Heinrich Hauptmann

Heinrich Friedrich Hauptmann, German-born Brazilian organic chemist (Breslau 10 March 1905 – São Paulo 21 July 1960)

Attained international fame due his studies about sulphur organic compounds

Described and synthetized many new mercaptols to science

Prepared oxalacetic acid semi-mercaptols (with Horst Berl)

Prepared dicarboxilic mercapto-amino acids

First to study reactions of keto-steroids with thiols (1947)

Isolated many compounds from coffee and cashew oils, leafs of Cassia alata and carqueja  
Described with G.E.R. Schulze a new  microvolumenometer  

With B. Wladislaw. Síntese de alguns novos tiobenzoatos e tioacetatos de alquila de cadeia comprida . Ciência e Cultura  5: 137-137, 1953.

With Jandira França. Um simples microextractor. Anais Assoc. Quim. Brasil 2:126, 1943