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Guillermo Haro Barraza

Guillermo Haro Barraza, Mexican astronomer (Ciudad de Mexico 21 March 1913 – Ciudad de Mexico 25 April 1988)
Authored over 80 papers and about 30 books 
Discovered a great number of planetary nebulae toward galactic center (with Enrique Chavira & Braulio Iriarte), besides stellar aggregates of distinct ages, many T Tauri stars, 11 galactic novae,  1 extragalactic nova  and 1 extragalactic super nova
Discovered at least 67 planetary nebulae
Discovered flare stars in Orion area

Discovered new flare stars in the Pleiades (1970)

Showed that some T-Tauri stars were flash stars

With W.J. Luyten discovered a large number of stars (1962) 


Co-discovered Haro-Chavira comet (1954)
Studied Herbig-Haro objects 
Discovered blue galaxies with emission lines spectrum know as Haro galaxies (1956)

Established the relationship between a stellar aggregate age and spectral type of bursting stars


With G.H.Herbig developed a trichromatic photograph technique using Schmidt camera for statistical study of galaxies (1955)



Associate Member, Royal Astronomical Society, England (1959)

Vice-President, American Astronomical Society (1957-60)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland (1953)

Honor Medal, Armenian Academy of Sciences (1962)

Lomonossov Gold Medal, USSR Academy of Sciences (1986)