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Eusebio Hernandez Perez

Eusebio G. Hernandez y Pérez, obstetra e ginecologista cubano (Colón, Matanzas Province 18 January 1853 – La Habana 23 November 1933)

Introduced improvements in forceps, Tarnier basiotribe and Farabeuf pelvimeter

Developed a new pelvimeter

Proposed an open synphysiotomy procedure

Described a new cause of cervix anatomical rigidity during delivery

Nueva causa de rigidez anatômica del cuello uterino durante el parto (1899)

Expanded Pinard’s concept of puericulture to adult life cycle creating homiculture, i.e. scientific physical improvement of mankind

With Domingo Ramos Delgado. Homicultura (1911)

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