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Bernardo Alberto Houssay

Bernardo Alberto Justino Houssay, Argentine physiologist (Buenos Aires 10 April 1887 – Buenos Aires 21 September 1971)

Son of French immigrants 

Authored over 500 papers and several books
With A. B. Biasotti discovered that pituitary anterior lobe played an important role in carbohydrates metabolism in blood stream and that it was possible to control the metabolism by equilibrium of distinct hormones (1929)
Discovered sugar oxidation in blood depends on a complex interaction between insulin and other hormones such as prolactin and somatotropin  
Demonstrated pancreas graft between carotid and jugular veins in dogs regulated the glycemia
Proved pituitary diabetogenic effect depends on liver 

First employed the meal-feeding scheme

With D. Martínez. Experimental diabetes and diet. Science 105:548-9, 1947

Noted the existence of a diabetogenic principle derived from pars distalis acting through adrenal glands (1930)
With A. Biasotti & C.T. Rietti first observed metahypophysary diabetes and distinguished it from hypophysary diabetes (1932)  
With Juan C. Fasciolo demonstrated hypertension is due to a pressor action substance (renin) in ischemic kidneys (1937-8)
With C. Galli-Mainini  discovered that pregnant women urine caused spermatozoa release in male frog 
With Giusti and Gonzalez demonstrated anterior lobe effect on spawning in female frogs and toad (1929)

First to use pituitary implants in fishes (1931)
Performed important studies about snakes and spiders toxin developing a protecting serum  against certain spiders toxins
Authored Human Physiology (1945) translated to English, French, Italian and Portuguese



Houssay phenomenon (1930)

Houssay dogs or animal

Houssay syndrome

Giusti-Houssay hypohysectomy (1924)

Houssay-Gerschman technique for liver perfusion (1947)

Genus Houssayanthus Hunziker 1978 (Sapindaceae)

Genus Houssayella Bonetto & Ezcurra de Drago 1966 (Fresh-water Porifera)

Houssay 2550 Asteroid



Physiology & Medicine Nobel Prize 1947

Dale Medal, London Society of Endocrinology 1960

Doctor Honoris Causa, Université de Paris 1935 

Doctor Honoris Causa, Harvard University 1936

Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Oxford 1947

Doctor Honoris Causa, Columbia University 1954

Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Cambridge 1960