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Aida Hasson-Voloch

Aída Hasson Voloch, Jewish Brazilian biochemist and biophysicist (Rio de Janeiro 28 November 1922 – Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro State October 2007)

His parents were born at Rhodes Island, Greece

Authored 78 papers dealing mainly with physical and chemical aspects of neuromuscular transmission


Authored a work about acetylcholine receptor

Curare and acetylcholine receptor substance. Nature 218:330-3, 1968

Identified Na-K-ATPase responsible for active transport of cationic ions Na and K in the cells of electric organ

With W. de Souza, R.D. Machado, C. Somlo & M. Benchimol. Localization of ATPases on the membranes of the electrolyte of Electrophorus electricus (L.). Cell Tissue Res. 185:115-28, 1977

With O.G. Hampe & C.V. Tondo. A biophysical model of lysozyme self-association. Biophys. J. 40(1):77-82, 1982

With N.L. Cunha e Silva & W. de Souza. Isolation of flagellum and characterization of the paraxial structure of Herpetomonas megaseliae. J. Submicrosc. Cytol. 16:705-13, 1984

With N.L. Cunha e Silva & W. de Souza. Isolation and characterization of a highly purified flagellar membrane fraction from trypanosomatids. Mol. Biochem. Parasit. 37:129-36, 1989


Described two procedures for extracting monophenolic sympathomimetic amines

Estudos sobre aminas simpaticomimético (processo de extração e caracterização). Anais Acad. Bras. Ciencias 29(1):27-38, 1957

With M. Bernardo Filho, B. Gutfillen & E.O. de Souza. Labelling of red blood cell with 99m technetium: a very simple kit. Acta Med. Biol. 40:129-31, 1992

With M. Bernardo Filho, B. Gutfillen, M.S. Canine & E.M. Boasquevisque. Selective splenic scintigraphy, a very simple technique. Acta Med. Biol. 40:133-6, 1992