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Ahmed Amin Hamza

Ahmed Amin Hamza, Egyptian experimental physicist (Giza 08 March 1941 –

Authored over 130 original works

Regarded as one of the best world’s experts on the field of optical interferometry of fibres


A new method to measure the mean refractive indices and the birefringence of fibres of irregularly shaped transverse sections (1980)

A method for measuring the diameter of fibres by observing the diffraction pattern of a He-Ne laser beam incident perpendicular to the fiber axis (1980)

Built a system for colour matching on the basis of optical measurements (1975)

Extended the application of the Pluta microscope to measure the mean refractive indices and birefringence of fibres with irregular transverse section (1980)

A method to reconstruct the tridimensional dispersion profile

A novel simultaneous photoelastic and two-beam interferometric system


Suggested a relation between the quantities of trace elements and their effect on the structural and mechanical properties of cotton fibres (1975)

Developed different theoretical formulae to modify the measurement accuracy of different types of optical fibers whose core has a graded index structure (1991)

Modified different expressions to measure the profile shape parameter and the core/cladding refractive index difference

Derived expressions to measure the refractive indices and birefringence using interference fringe shift in the fibre region (1984, 1986 and 1991)

Derived expressions to obtain the refractive index profile of optical and textile fibres (1991)

Derived a mathematical expression that relates the fringe shift at a point along the radius to the fibre geometrical distances (1992, 1994 & 1995)


Designed a device to help in studying the optomechanical properties of fibres (1987-8)

Designed an instrument used with the multiple-beam Fizeau system to stretch longitudinally textile fibres in order to study their opto-mechanical properties (1987)

A modified creep device (2010)


The refractive index along the radius of a multilayer structure fibre using the distance method 

The refractive indices and birefringence of fibres with irregular cross-section of multilayer structure fibres using the area enclosed under interference fringe shift

The index profile taking into consideration the area under the fringe shift

The refractive index profile considering the refraction of the incident beam inside the fiber