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Adnan Hamoui

Adnan Hamoui, Syrian mathematician in Kuwait (Damascus 20 December 1932 –

Defined quaternion submanifolds of codimension 2 (1984)

With R.S. Mishra obtained a formula on an almost Sasakian manifold (1982)

Deux nouvelles classes de solutions non-statiques à symétrie sphérique des èquations d’Einstein-Maxwell. Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré. A. Phys. Theor. 10(2):195-227, 1969


Generalized a subcase of Lemaitre-Tolman model to dust moving in a spherically symmetric electric field (1969)

With L. Bel established a general program permitting to decide on the possibility of matching two metrics (1967)

With A. Papapetreou obtained first procedure of extending the geometry of space-time through a weak singularity (1967) and derived a number of relations valid for an arbitrary surface layer in general relativity (1968)