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Rodrigo Gamez

Rodrigo Gamez Lobo, Costa Rican plant virologist and ecologist (Esparza, Puntarenas 07 August 1936 –


Discovered several viruses and vector insects as well as virus-vector biological relationships new to science

Discovered, characterized and described the features and biological properties of the rayado fino maize virus that gave basis to the creation of a new viruses family (Marafiviridae)

A new leafhopper-borne virus of cvorn in Central America. Plant Disease Reporter 53:929-32, 1969

Described  bean rugose mosaic virus

With A. Osores & E. Echandi. Una raza nueva del virus do mosaico común del frijol. Turrialba 20:397-400, 1970

Los vírus del frijol  en Centroamerica II. Algumas propiedades y transmisión por crisomélidos del vírus del mosaico rugoso del frijol. Turrialba 22:249-57, 1972

Una enfermedad virosa de los chiles causada por el vírus Y de la papa. Rev. Biol. Trop. 10(1):91-7, 1962


With G. Tamayo-Castillo, K. Rosales-Ovares et al. Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating inflammatory diseases, allergic diseases or asthma, containing Diospyros blancoi A.DC extract as active ingredient. US Patent 20130164395A1 (2010)


Houssay Prize, OAS (1983) 

Prince of Asturias Prize in Science and Technology (1995)

Genus Rodrigama Gauld 1991 (Hymenoptera)