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Richard Martin Gans

Richard Martin Gans, German-born Jewish Argentine physicist (Frankfurt am Main 07 March 1880 – City Bell, near La Plata 27 June 1954)
Authored over 200 works
Introduced the concept of residual permeability

Proposed the law of reversible permeability
Presented the first treatment of quantitative significance of elastic tension upon magnetization

Performed theoretical and experimental studies about radiation absorption in solutions and determined the size of scattered particles in solutions that earned him international fame

Developed an experimental method for hysteresis losses

With R.G. Loyarte. Uber drehende hysteresis. Arch. F. Elektr. 3(6):139-50, 1915

With R. G. Loyarte gave the first qualitative theoretical explanation about ferromagnetic resonance absorption in Ann. Physik 64(4):209, 1921

Developed a special ultrafiltration method with collodium/acetic acid filter

Demonstrated the depolarization degree constant of colloidal particles

Deduced the formula relating depolarization degree and Kerr constant for colloidal particles

Gave a simple deduction of eikonal theory

With A. Pereyra Miguez proposed a thermodynamical integrator 


Rayleigh-Gans-Debye scattering 

Gans formula or equation  

Gans-Mrowka procedure for calculating directly the perturbation function