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Ricardo Magnus Osorio Galvao

Ricardo Magnus Osório Galvão, Brazilian physicist (Itajubá, Minas Gerais State 21 December 1947 –

Polarization equation for a high-frequency EM wave propagating through a cold plasma. IEEE Trans. Plasm. Science 2(4):211-4, 1975

Co-demonstrated resonant absortion of Alfvén waves (197?)

Co-authored a work about resistive instabilities in plasmas that became a reference in this field

With B. Coppi, R. Pellat, M.N. Rosenblueth & P.H. Rutherford. Resistive internal kink modes. Sovietic J. Plasma Phys. 2:533, 1976

Showed a resistive mode with azimuthal mode number m equals 1 in reversed-field confinement configurations without shear

With M.A.M. Santiago. Resistive instabilities in reversed-field confinement configurations without shear (1981)

Showed a new resistive mode in rotating plasma columns

Resistive mode in rotating plasma column including the Hall current. Physica BTC 122(2), 1983

Obtained general expressions for time and surface averaged radio frequency forces, affecting ions in closed toroidal devices

With V.S. Tsypin, I.C. Nascimento, A. Elfimov, M. Tendler, C.A. de Azevedo & A. de Assis. Alfvén and fast wave forces, affecting íons in magnetic traps with closed magnetic surfaces. Physics of Plasmas 6(4):1378-81, 1999

Presented a new type of radio-frequency current drive in tokamaks

With V.S. Tsypin, I.C. Nascimento & Y.K. Kuznetsov. On a bootstrap-like mechanism of radio frequency wave current drive in tokamaks (2000)   


With A. Fonseca, R.P. da Silva, Y. Kuznetsov, I.C. Nascimento & N. Cuevas. A model for plasma discharges simulation in Tokamak devices (2001)

With Y.K. Kuznetsov, I.C. Nascimento, E. Sanada, D.O. Campos, A. Vannucci et al. New regime of runaway of discharges in tokamaks. Plasma Physics and Controlled 43(9):1181, 2001

Described an accurate and simple technique for plasma boundary determination in a tokamak from external magnetic measurements

With Y.K. Kuznetsov, I.C. Nascimento & I.V. Yasin. Plasma boundary determination in ITER by the optimized current filament method (2002)

Presented a new model of relaxation oscillations in runaway tokamak discharges

With A. Elfimov. Whistler instability driven by relativistic electron tail in tokamaks (2003)

Predicted the existence of novel confinement configurations in magnetized plasmas and coined diaceleric structures

With F.E.M. da Silveira. Diaceleric structures in magnetized plasmas (2004)

Showed the possibility of a new type of zonal-flow instability

With A.B. Mikhailovskii, A. Smolyakov, V.S. Tsypin, E.A. Kovalisher & M. Shirokov. Neoclassical generation of toroidal zonal flow by drift wave turbulence. Physics of Plasmas 13(3), 2006

Presented a simple helical magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium with flow in which the vorticity is proportional to the current density

With F.E.M. da Silveira. A possible model for snakes (2007)

Demonstrated a new electron inertia regime

With A.B. Mikhailovskii, J.G. Lominadze, A.P. Churikov, V.D. Pustovitov, N.S. Erokhin & V.S. Tsypin. High-frequency extensions of magnetorotational instability in astrophysical plasmas. Plasma Phys. Reports 34(8):678-87, 2008

Proposed Global Alfvén wave excitation as a mechanism to explain plasma heating in the magnetosphere of young stars

With A. Elfimov, V. Jatenco-Pereira & R. Opher. Global Alfvén wave heating of the magnetosphere of young stars. Astrophys, J. 600 (1):292, 2008

Published a new method for determining the temporal evolution of plasma rotation

With J.H.F. Severo, I.C. Nascimento, Y.K. Kuznetsov, Z.O. Guimarães Filho, M. Tendler et al. Temporal behavior of toroidal rotation velocity in the TCABR tokamak. Nuclear Fusion 49(11), 2009

Performed first simultaneous measurements of the Thomson scattering and electron cyclotron emission radiometer diagnostics performed at a tokamak with Alfvén wave heating.

With M.P. Alonso, A.C.A. Figueiredo, F.O. Borges, J.I. Elizondo et al. Comparative electron temperature measurements of Thomson scattering and electron cyclotron emission diagnostics in TCABR plasmas. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 81(10), 2010

Published a new theoretical approach to microwave reflectometry in tokamaks

With J. Tito Mendonça & C.H.S. Amador. A full wave theory of O-mode reflectometry with an intermediate level of turbulence (2013)


With L.F. Ruhko, E. Ozono, I.C. Nascimento, F.T. Degasperi & E. Lerche. Advanced antenna system for Alfvén wave plasma heating and current drive in TCABR Tokamak. Fusion Engin. Design 43(1):15-28, 1998

With J.A.S. da Matta, L.F. rucko, M.C.A. Fantini & P.K. Kiyohara. Description and characterization of a ECR plasma device developed for thin film deposition. Braz. J. Physics 33(1), 2003

With L.C. Mostaco-Guidolin, A.B. Frigori & L.F. Ruchko. SCTE: an open-source PERL framework for testing equipment control and data acquisition. Computer Physics Comm. 183(7), 2009

With G. Canal, L.F. Ruchko & H.O. Luna. Design and characterization of an plasma RF plasma cleaner. Braz. J. Physics 40(1):108-14, 2010

With P.P. Woskov, J. Stillerman, M. Porkolab, A. Fasoli, D. Testa et al. New digital control system for the JET Alfvén eigenmode active spectroscopic diagnostic (2012)

With J.M.B. Pereira, R. Caetano & G. Cernicchiaro. Development of a SCADA system for a free Electron Laser operation. Notas tecnicas 5(3):1-9, 2015