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Norbel Galanti

Norbel L. Galanti Garrone, Argentine-born Chilean biochemist and geneticist (Marcos Juarez, Cordoba Province 05 February 1938 –

With V. Jimenez, M. Henríquez & G. Riquelme described the first functional characterization of K+ conductive pathways in protozoan parasites (2011) 

With U. Kemmerling & C. Bosco proposed a model for the vertical transmission of Chagas disease (2010)

With J.A. Dvorak, J. Grenet & J.P. McDaniel developed a reliable and reproducible method to induce synchrony of DNA synthetic cycle in Kinetoplastida (1994)

With M.V. Rojas first clearly demonstrated the presence of methylated bases in the nuclear DNA from trypanosomes (1990)