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Mauricio Gudin

Maurício Gudin, Brazilian surgeon (Rio de Janeiro 13 May 1883 - Rio de Janeiro 14 December 1959)

Distinguished between crushing and lamination and introduced the term lamination (1916)

Performed the first aseptic cholectomy by lamination with suture (1919)


Performed original contributions to improvement of modern methods in surgical asepsis

Invented a method of total sterilization (1929)

Infection Operatoire et Sterilisation Totale. Mem. Acad. Chir. 61:994, 1935

Asepsie Active et Sterilisation totale. Presse Medicale 355, 1936

The Third phase of surgery. Total sterilization as a basis of integral asepsis and of pasteurian cicatrization. Annals of surgery 45:452-56, 1942
Nouveau procedé d’enterectomie et d’ enteroanastomose aseptique. Paris Medical (16 December 1917)
La chirurgie gastro-intestinale aseptique par notre méthode. Paris Medical (29 December 1918)
Nouveau procede d’hystéréctomie totale, par section aseptique Du vagin sans drainage vaginal. Paris Medical, 1919
Methode aseptique pour les opérations sur l’estomac et l’ intestin. La Presse Medicale (13 March 1919)  
Developed a technique for complete separation of urine in each kidney employing olivar catheter
Created Gudin end to end enterorrhaphy and developed end to end anastomosis of intestinal loops 

Nouveau procédé de cathéterisme urétérale. Presse Med. (1910)

Nouvelles sondes urétérales à introduction retrograde. Presse Med. (1916)



Gudin T-shaped laminator

Gudin angled forceps

Gudin olivar catheter

Gudin yarn carrier

Gudin cholectomy

Gudin serrated forceps

Gudin écraseur 

Gudin surgical table

A guiding device for finding projectiles, metallic prosthesis and other foreign bodies used in many European hospitals (L’extraction des projetiles intrapulmonaires. Congr. Intern. Chir. Paris (1918) 

Another new forceps

A total sterilizer (1929)