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Leopoldo García-Colin

Leopoldo García-Colin Scherer, Mexican physicist (Ciudad de Mexico 27 November 1930 – Ciudad de Mexico 08 October 2012)

From German descent

Authored 237 papers and 17 books on chemical physics and statistical physics


With A.L. Garcia-Perciante & A. Sandoval-Villalbazo. Benedicks effect in a relativistic simple fluid. J. Non-Equil. Thermodyn. 38:141, 2013  

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With A.L. Garcia-Perciante & A. Sandoval-Villalbazo. Rayleigh-Brillouin spectrum in special relativistic hydrodynamics


World champion of Jai Alai (1950)

Physics Prize, University of Maryland (1956-7)

Visiting Profesor, J.D. Van der Waals Chair, Amsterdam University (1976)