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Julio Garavito Armero

Julio Garavito Armero, Colombian astronomer, mathematician, economist and physicist (Bogotá 05 January 1865 – Bogotá 11 March 1920)



Stablished a fundamental formula for liquid motion  

Demonstrated the existence of non-newtonian mechanics  

Elaborated original works about real numbers

Generalized Euler 9 points theorem to spatial geometry  

Developed an equation for three bodies problem

Created asymptotic transformation

Idealized a modification of Talcott method for local latitude using a simple theodolite (1901), before Chauvenet (1917). It is known as Garavito method and uses equal circumidian circles altitudes of two stars.  

Performed original demonstration of theorems related to changes of canonical variables

Determined variations of some planetary orbits (1893)

Generalized university gravity Law of binary stars

Determined parabolic orbit of some comets using Garavito equations.   


Member, Societé Astronomique de France

Member, Belgian Society of Astronomy


Garavito Crater (Moon) (dead link)