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Juan Antonio Garbarino

Juan Antonio Garbarino Bacigalupo, Chilean natural products chemist (Santiago 27 April 1932 – Buenos Aires 09 October 2012)

From Italian descent

Authored over 300 scientific publications

With M. Carvajal, L. Espinoza, H. Peña Cortés et al. first to show the production of hydroxylated derivatives of jasmonic acid by biotransformation (2011)

With B.M. Fraga, R. Guillermo, M.G. Hernandez & M.C. Chamy first to observe Baeyer-Villiger oxidation in a microbiological transformation involving Gibberella fujikuroi (2009)

With A. Russo, V. Cardile & A. de Ioannes first to show that lithreol inhibited cancer cell-viability in a dose-dependent manner (2008)

Isolated a number of new diterpenes of various skeleton types

Discovered and described at least 90 new diterpenes/diterpenoids and at least 50 new other natural compounds such as glucosides and sesquiterpenes isolated from fungi and lichens

With B.M. Fraga, R. Guillermo & M.G. Hernandez discovered prestemodane skeleton (2004)

Performed the structural delucidation of alkaloids, terpenoids and glycosidic phenyl propanoids

Proved the therapeutic properties of plants like Lithraea caustica and Calceolaria sessilis


With H. A. Peña Cortés & M.A. Carvajal Tocornal. Metodo de biotransformación com hongo Gibberella fujikuroi de acido salicílico (2006)