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Juan Alberto Grieve

Juan Alberto Germán Grieve Becerra, Peruvian automobile engineer (Lima 15 July 1878 – Lima 03 July 1950)


Un nuevo motor termico (A new thermal engine). Bol. Minas, Industrias y Construcción 20:15-6, 1904

Developed a 5 horse power internal combustion engine (Grieve engine)

Construcción de um motor a gasolina. Bol. Minas Fomento 3(3):58-65, 1905

Designed, built and patented a 20 horse power motor-car (Grieve), the first of Latin America (1908) and regarded one of the world’s best cars comparable to those of built in USA and Europe such as Renault and Brassiere


Life Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1949)


His father, Juan Crisostomo Grieve Downing, engineer (Lima January 1848 - April 1905)

From Scottish father and Irish mother

Built a type of cannon that bears his name