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José Goldemberg

José Goldemberg, Brazilian physicist (Santo Angelo, Rio Grande do Sul State 27 May 1928-
Born from Russian Jewish immigrants

Confirmed that light elements atoms can undergo fission too

Electrofission of 24 Mg. Bull.Am.Phys.Society. 17:440, 1972 (with A.H. Chung, A.E. Litherland & H.L. Pai)

Established upper limit for dipole electrical momentum of electron


Developed a technique for nuclei magnetic moments measurements

Created methods for studying the reactions between light and atomic nuclei and calculate the shape of these nuclei

Conceived the first photon monochromator for bremsstrahlung radiation

A photon monochromator for Bremsstrahlung Radiation. Phys.Rev. 93:1426-1427, 1954.  

Um novo método para a investigação de reações fotonucleares (A new method for studying photonuclear reactions) 1954 

With G. Moscati. Um sistema detector de nêutrons para aceleradores pulsados (A detecting neutron system for pulsating accelerators). Anais Acad. Bras. Ciências 33(1):25-9, 1961



Volvo Environmental Prize 2000

Blue Planet Prize 2008

Ernesto Illy Trieste Science Prize 2010