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Jaime Rafael Guiscafre

Jaime Rafael Guiscafré Arrillaga, Puerto Rican agronomist (Anasco 23 March 1911 – Miami, Florida July 1960)

His studies of coffee root development and the effects of solar radiation on the vegetative growth and yield of coffee are classical papers

With L.A. Gómez. Effect of solar radiation intensity on the vegetative growth and yield of coffee. Jour. Agr. Univ. Puerto Rico 26(4):73-90, 1942

With J.A. Cordón & S. Castellanos. Planting coffee in the sun in self-shaded hedges. Circ. Agr. Centro Nac. Agron. El Salvador 71 (1955)

Sombra o sol para el cafeto? El café de El Salvador 308-9:320-64, 1957

Sombra, sol y riego: condiciones generales prevalecientes en las areas de cultivo de café em el mundo. Revista del Café 15(2):7-8, 1959

Developed a new method for the study of the root system of coffee

With L.A. Gómez. Studies of the root system of Coffea arabica. L. Part I. Environmental condition affecting the distribution of coffee roots in Coloso clay. J. Agric. Univ. Puerto Rico 22(2):227-62, 1938

Described Cephalosporium omnivorus, a new fungal species causing diseases in cofffe and citrus

With B.S. Crandall. Dos enfermedades producidas por Cephalosporium en café y en citrus en El Salvador (1955)

Described the main symptoms of the brown rot fungus on citrus and developed a method for inducing the production of sporangia by Phytophthora citrophthora

The brown rot fungus in Puerto Rico. J. Dept. Agric. Puerto Rico (1932)


The nature of the inhibition between parasitic fungi (1934)

Formation of galls in stems and leaves of sugar cane in response to injections of growth regulating substances. Phytopathology 39:489-93, 1949