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Imre Lajos Gridi Papp

Imre Lajos Gridi-Papp, Turkish-born Brazilian plant geneticist and breeder (Istanbul 18 October 1930 –

From Hungarian parents

With E. Cia & E.P. Sabino. New cotton of interspecific origin. Bragantia (1975)

With C. Aranha & H.F. Leitão Filho. A new tetraploid species of the genus Gossypium. Bragantia (1969)


With P.A. Cavaleri, C.A.M. Ferraz, F.A. Correa et al. IAC 13-1 (1975)

With P.A. Cavaleri, E.J. Chiavegato, C.A.M. Ferraz, N.P. Sabino, J.I. Kondo, J. Soave, N. Bortoletto, E. Cia & M.G. Fuzatto. IAC 18(1985), IAC RM3, IAC RM4, IAC 16, IAC 17 (1984), IAC 19 (1991), IAC 22 & IAC 21 (2000)


With J.I. Kondo, N.P. Sabino, M.G. Fuzatto & R.M.A. Gondim Tomas. A new equation for expressing cotton fiber maturity determined by the Fibrograph model 430 method (1995)

With J.I. Kondo, N.P. Sabino & M.G. Fuzatto. Intrinsic fiber strength of cotton estimated through correction of the Pressley index. Bragantia (1984)